Mercedes Benz International School's

Model United Nations Conference
(15-17th February 2018)




Since 2007, MBISMUN has continued to grow stronger and promises to make this year's conference even better; evolving from an after-school activity to an entity of its own.


You will learn how to approach and solve international conflicts peacefully. Over the conference, one will learn the invaluable debating, negotiating and diplomacy skills.

A Global Perspective

MUN embodies not only the Learner Profiles, but exemplifies what it means to be a global citizen. MBISMUN provides a platform for students of different nationalities to share their insights and passion regarding international affairs.


We encourage delegates to debate over issues as well as unwind and relax at our Social Night. Our Social Night will guarantee a fun and enjoyable night with music, dancing and food!

Theme Of The Conference

Sovereignty and Internationalism

It is a universal truth that man's right to freedom is inalienable—to enjoy the opportunities presented by life in a manner uninterrupted by any outside force. Yet, those who live by this right are far outnumbered by those who do not. Virtually the cause of all conflict, the struggle to achieve this ideal between men is one that has shaped the sands of time for centuries.
Out of this endless conflict, history has shown us it is cyclic - tales of the oppressed banding together against the oppressors, only to become the oppressors themselves and have splinter groups rise up against them - the cycle of sovereignty and internationalism. It is this cycle that plagues our world today—sudden independence movements, nationalistic economic policies, severences of age-old ties—and if history teaches us anything, it is that we are bound to this cycle unless we begin to spark a change.
This change will not come from those in currently in power, nor will it come from those who succeed them. No, this change will come from the next generation—this generation's students—us. It is our belief that in order to spark this change, we must start now.
Spark that change. Break that cycle.


-Eliminating a forced sense of nationalism in totalitarian dictatorships,

-Measures to prevent the manipulation of governmental elections,

-The question of Catalonian independence; determining effects relative to other modern independence movements 

-The question of travel bans 

-The issue of cryptocurrency
-Sustainably reducing economic nationalism in the interest of free trade

-The European refugee crisis

-Eliminating social injustice against Muslims
-The right to privacy in a digital age 

-Preventing genocide; the issue of ethnic cleansing in Myanmar
-The issue of Yemen’s sovereignty; the assessment of coalitions in Yemen 

-The question of power provided to multinational organizations in accordance with nationalistic policies

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Research Guides

Rules Of Procedure


Uday Mehra (Secretary General)

Email: udaym@mbis.org
Phone: 7506084025

Aryan Chowdhury (Deputy Secretary General)

Email: aryanc@mbis.org
Phone: 9637593556

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