Mercedes Benz International School's

Model United Nations Conference
(25th to 27th April 2019)




Since 2007, MBISMUN has continued to grow stronger and promises to make this year's conference even better; evolving from an after-school activity to an entity of its own.


You will learn how to approach and solve international conflicts peacefully. Over the conference, one will learn the invaluable debating, negotiating and diplomacy skills.

A Global Perspective

MUN embodies not only the Learner Profiles, but exemplifies what it means to be a global citizen. MBISMUN provides a platform for students of different nationalities to share their insights and passion regarding international affairs.


We encourage delegates to debate over issues as well as unwind and relax at our Social Night. Our Social Night will guarantee a fun and enjoyable night with music, dancing and food!

Theme Of The Conference

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions (SDG 16)

Violence and conflict are perhaps the most pressing issues of our time. They hinder our ability to develop, grow and prosper as an international community. Unforeseen challenges are now rising across the world, adversely impacting every aspect of our efforts to achieve peace. Our prolonged dependency on technology is allowing us to be exploited through cybercrime; our increased deployment of private paramilitary and security contractors is fueling chaos in areas of conflict; our inability to successfully resolve conflict is harming the wellbeing of civilians worldwide.
Now, more than ever, we must come together to create a change—one that will combat these issues that are plaguing our world. This change did not come from those who were in power, nor has it come from those who are currently in power. This change will come from the next generation—us. It is our belief that in order to spark this change, we must start now.
Spark that change.


-The threat of organized crime on international peace and security,

-Measures to develop strong institutions in the field of information and telecommunication for international security,

-Methods to combat cybercrime and cyber interference 

-Measures to address the economic implications of Artificial Intelligence 

-Promoting female representation in business and finance
-The question of the legalization of illicit substances as a method of achieving sustainable economic development

-Assessing the relevance and effectiveness of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in a digital word

-Measures to combat malnutrition and ensure the healthcare of children in conflict zones
-The question of birth registration 

-The situation of the Israel-Palestine conflict
-Regulation of the use of private paramilitary of security contractors in conflict areas

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Research Guides

Rules Of Procedure


Trisha Gupta (Secretary General)

Email: trishag@mbis.org

Mehek Mehra (Deputy Secretary General)

Email: mehekm@mbis.org