Mahindra International School's

Model United Nations Conference
(20th to 21st March 2020)




Since 2007, MIS MUN (formerly known as MBIS MUN) has continued to grow stronger and promises to make this year's conference even better; evolving from an after-school activity to an entity of its own.


You will learn how to approach and solve international conflicts peacefully. Over the conference, one will learn the invaluable debating, negotiating and diplomacy skills.

A Global Perspective

MUN embodies not only the Learner Profiles, but exemplifies what it means to be a global citizen. MISMUN provides a platform for students of different nationalities to share their insights and passion regarding international affairs.


We encourage delegates to debate over issues as well as unwind and relax at our Social Night. Our Social Night will guarantee a fun and enjoyable night with music, dancing and food!

Theme Of The Conference

Reduced inequalities (SDG 10)

With inequalities across the globe in terms of age, sex, income, origin, race, ethnicity, religion and economic or other status, it continues to be a significant concern within and among countries today despite efforts to achieve true equality. Moreover, transnational issues of rights, migration, representation and our inability to execute effective action towards increased equality is leading to citizens being wronged worldwide. More than ever before, we must unite as one to spark a change – one that will combat these issues that plague our world. This change we need did not come from those who were in power, nor will it come from those who are currently in power. It is us – as the next generation and future of mankind, who are responsible for effecting the requisite change. But to embody this change and make a real difference, we must begin now. Be that change.


- Measures to ease tensions in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine

-The question of Antarctic territorial claims  

-The issue of femicide in Argentina 

-Sustainably reducing economic nationalism in the interest of free trade

-LGBTQ+ representation in the workforce

-The question of child marriage

-The Houthi insurgency in Yemen
-Measures to alleviate the growth of organized crime and transatlantic terrorist groups

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Research Guides

Rules Of Procedure


Shreya Margale (Secretary General)

Email: shreyam2021@misp.org

Miheer Potdar (Deputy Secretary General)

Email: miheerp2022@misp.org